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Campus Ministry

Summer Service Trip 2018

Kerry Madden - March 01, 2018

The Summer Service Trip spans the entire Chesapeake Bay area. We pass Ocean City, Maryland into quiet, non-tourist shore towns that are all but cutoff from society—each town often poorer than the next. This service trip combines direct service with educational elements regarding region as well as environmental concerns and struggles.

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Hunger and Homelessness Awareness Week

RoCoMagazine - December 20, 2017

Come early November, with the holidays nearing, people often take notice of what they’re thankful for—the roofs over their heads, the clothes on their backs, the food in their bellies— and many choose to donate their time, energy, and resources in an effort to help those who are less fortunate. Similarly, here at Rosemont, we feel as though it is our duty to raise awareness about the pressing issue of poverty in our country, particularly the 500-something thousand people who are without shelter and live on the edge of starvation, and we encourage our students and staff to attend at least one of the several service events Campus Ministry organizes during the holiday season.

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Interfaith Thanksgiving Prayer Service

RoCoMagazine - December 20, 2017

On Monday, November 20th, in lieu of Thanksgiving Mass, Campus Ministry hosted Rosemont’s Interfaith Thanksgiving Prayer Service—a tradition that dates back several years and is anchored in our mission to accept all faiths. This campus-wide event welcomed students from various clubs and organizations, as well as several members of our faculty and alumni, all of whom gathered at Chapel to share thanks.

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spring break

2018 Alternate Spring Break

Elizabeth Russell - December 20, 2017

In early March, for the 2018 Alternate Spring Break service trip, I’ll join a group of 6 students, along with two advisors, then head to the Saint Francis Inn in North Philadelphia.

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