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Join the Challenge

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Exciting news!
Dear Rosemont Colleagues,
We did it!
Thanks to the generosity of so many, Rosemont College will be receiving $250,000 from an anonymous donor to celebrate 250 First Time Gifts to the College!
We not only met our initial Challenge goal of 200 First Time Donors 12 hours ahead of the deadline last Friday, we also met (and exceeded!) the goal of 50 additional First Time Donors ahead of yesterday’s midnight deadline!  Now that is the POWER of small at work!
A special thank you to all of the employees and friends who made their first gift to the College.  We thank you, and hope you’ll enjoy knowing that your gift has been made even more POWERful thanks to our anonymous donor!
Another note of thanks to many loyal supporters of Rosemont who encouraged their friends, family, and other alumni to contribute.  Your dedication to the College is truly appreciated.
And, last, but certainly not least, a very heartfelt thank you to our anonymous donor.  Your willingness to celebrate 250 First Time Gifts to Rosemont with your incredible generosity is truly a testament to the value of a Rosemont College education and your commitment to ensuring that it be shared with others for decades to come.  
Thanks to all!
President Sharon Hirsh, PhD ‘70