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RoCo Resource

RoCo Resource will be continually updated so bookmark this page and check back here for new tips and information. Our goal is to make you and your son or daughter feel right at home at Rosemont.

How To Get Involved || Know Mailbox Code || Support Rosemont Ravens || E-mail || Know Their Car || Mission & Ministry || Room Size/Making It Your Own || Buying the Essentials || Coordinate with Your Roommate || Know Their Car || Wellness Center ||     Know Options || Important Items To Pack || Medications


get involved

Get Involved!

College isn’t just about going to class and getting one’s degree – there’s plenty to do in between classes and on the weekends. The Office of Leadership and Engagement aims to provide a safe, quality, and enjoyable environment for the students of Rosemont College. Students can even get text messages of when events are happening. 

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Know Mailbox Code 

Yes… “snail mail” still exists and your student should know their mailbox code. Whether it’s a care package from their parents/grandparents or something timely such as College paperwork, it’s important that students check their mailbox once or twice a week.




Support Ravens Athletics 

Show the Rosemont Pride! Whether their roommate is on the soccer team or a classmate plays basketball, there are always plenty of athletic events to attend on campus. Nothing beats a sunny day supporting the Ravens at the RAC (Raven Athletic Complex)! 

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Check Rosemont E-mail

Various offices throughout the College will send regular communications to the student body and at times, they will require a response. It is important early on that you encourage your student to check their email for messages from not only the College, but also professors and peers. E-mail links can be found under the "Quick Links" section at or

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Room Size/Making It Your Own

The standard double college room allows your student the space to work and live, but is in no way meant to recreate the bedroom they have at home. Therefore, it is important that parents are involved in the packing process to ease the transition and hubbub of Move-In Day. It is also important to note that the space should reflect your son or daughter, whether they add pictures, lights, etc. After a stressful day of classes, the only true space they have to unwind is their room. So make sure the Zen is intact and it feels like home… because there will be times they need it to be.

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Buying the Essentials

For some the dorm shopping process may be self-explanatory, but for others it may be uncharted territory. So it’s important that you only buy the essentials for life at college. Once again, it is not a deluxe villa so the room will fill itself fast. Ways to utilize the space provided, also known as “dorm hacks” include purchasing vacuum seal bags, bed risers (with outlet), and flat storage containers. The College provides a recommendation lists to incoming students, but for those who don’t live relatively close to Rosemont; stores like Bed Bath & Beyond, Target, and IKEA all have locations that are within driving distance of campus, should you need to pack lightly or forget something in the process.

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Coordinate with Your Roommate

You will also find yourself out of space if you do not coordinate with your roommate. The standard double will not likely flow with two of everything (TVs, fridges, microwaves, etc.) Contrary to Noah’s Ark, it is encouraged to coordinate with your roommate when it comes to larger scale items, bringing one of each per room. This will not only save space, but also save money!

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Know Their Car 

Does your son or daughter plan on bringing a car to campus? If so it’s imperative they know the following: all cars that park regularly on campus must be registered with the Office of Public Safety. Drivers can obtain a permit for a minimal fee (which covers all four years), but they will need to provide vehicle info as well as proof of registration and insurance. Avoid accruing fines by parking in designated lots for student vehicles.

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Wellness Center

The Wellness Center is located in the basement of the Immaculate Conception Chapel. The Wellness Center is open Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. The Wellness Center offers an array of services such as treatment of illness or injury, referrals to specialists, nutrition information, health counseling and so much more. To view a full list of services, click here. Most services are free for enrolled students with the exception of a physical exam, which is $35. Services such as lab testing, private physicians, medications from the pharmacy, and visits to the emergency room are the responsibility of the student.

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Know Options

When the Wellness Center is closed and you are ill, you can seek medical care at places such as you’re family doctor if you live nearby. Other places to seek medical attention include minute clinics/urgent care facilities and the emergency room (for severe injuries and/or sudden illness such as severe bleeding, chest pain, severe shortness of breath, broken bones or severe allergic reactions).

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Important Items To Pack

All Rosemont students should have a copy of their insurance card, emergency numbers, and a first aid kit. Having the physical card is encouraged and promotes responsibility, but a copy of their insurance card (front and back sides) is needed, should your student need services that need to be billed. While the College has access to emergency contact information, it is important to note that offices are not always open, making the access to information a more thorough process. Students are encouraged to know their emergency contacts name and phone number and perhaps even carry it on a piece of paper that they can store in their wallet and/or purse. Lastly, whether you buy a first aid kit or put one together, make sure it has all the items you may need such as medications (that aren’t expired), emergency phone numbers, etc. The Red Cross recommends that all first aid kits contain items including, but not limited to: bandages of assorted sizes, antiseptic wipes, aspirin and more which can be found by clicking here.






Students that take regular medication should consider switching their primary pharmacy to one that is close to campus. Rosemont Pharmacy is within walking distance, but there are also other pharmacies including CVS, Rite Aid, and Parvins Pharmacy.



Parent & Alumni Ambassador Program

The goal of Parent & Alumni Ambassadors is to assist the Office of Undergraduate Admissions in recruiting prospective students and their families to Rosemont and educating them about the wonderful opportunities offered by the College.

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After high school, many parents fret that the events to support your student won’t be as abundant. That couldn’t be more untrue! In fact, Rosemont has events that include families from Day One. Here is a list for you to mark your calendars – we hope to see you on campus!



The College marks the beginning of your student’s journey with a special ceremony – Convocation. A tradition at Rosemont for over 70 years, Convocation is the welcoming ceremony for the incoming class of students. Here, they will don the cap and gown, now during this event and once again at the end of their journey – commencement.


family weeked

Family Weekend & Oktoberfest

Rosemont hosts its annual Family Weekend featuring Oktoberfest: a free event that is for the entire family. This is a great opportunity to see your son or daughters dorm, meet their roommate (and parents), and perhaps even one of their professors in an afternoon with much to offer! The festivities are filled with athletic events, a carnival, zip line, the Alumni Beer Garden, hayrides, and much more.




Outside of Family Weekend, there are many more athletic events where all parents can cheer on our Ravens. Student athletes love and enjoy the support of parents, plus you could make friends with other parents. Whether it is at the Ravens Athletic Complex for soccer or at Alumnae Hall for basketball, you also have the chance to connect with athletics staff and the college community – President Hirsh is an avid fan too! Schedules, news, photos and more for each sport are available and updated regularly on the web.

Ravens Athletics


Campus Happenings

Rosemont regularly hosts all kinds of events on campus. New exhibits open regularly at the Lawrence Gallery. Our annual Symposium is a free to the public event that discusses ethics through a variety of lenses. And who could forget about Christmas Eve Mass and more! The event calendar is always flowing with multiple events per day (if not per week)!

Rosemont College Calendar