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Financial Aid

admissions_counselor talking to a student and parent outside Main Building

For more information regarding financial aid for specific programs, please check the pages for Undergraduate or Graduate financial aid.

In our effort to make Rosemont accessible to all students, we are proud to offer financial aid to all qualifying students. We encourage students to complete the Federal Application for Federal Student Aid to determine his or her eligibility for financial aid. Details on student’s individual financial aid packages can be found through the iWay, Rosemont's internal site for registered students, or by contacting the Office of Financial Aid.

Completing your FAFSA early will expedite the processing of your financial aid.  If you are a Pennsylvania resident, then you must file the FAFSA before May 1st in order to receive consideration for a state grant.  If you are a Delaware resident, then you must file before April 15th in order to receive consideration for a state grant. After we receive your FAFSA and you have been admitted to the College, you will receive a financial aid award letter in the mail indicating the types and amount of aid you qualify for, along with information on how to accept these awards. Your award letter will also notify you of additional information needed to complete your financial aid file or to resolve any issues with your FAFSA.