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General Education

Photo of woman, possibly white or latina, in her fifties holding three hardcover books in a library. She is the the focal point of the image, and in the background there are shelves of books that are out of focus. She has shoulder-length dark brown hair, wears rectangular classes and has a light grey and white striped t-shirt on.

General Education Requirements

The General Education program goals for the School of Professional Studies emerge from the mission of the College; they reinforce that we, as a College, are a community of learners. As a student at the School of Professional Studies, you gain the opportunity to participate in the Rosemont College experience, and to carry the Mission into your career, community, and life.

Our unique approach to a liberal arts education is focused on enhancing each student's individual gifts and talents. A Rosemont education equips you for a lifetime of success, no matter what your path is.


To achieve the College's goals to the fullest extent, graduates of the School of Professional Studies will:

  • Demonstrate effective, thorough, and logical communication, research, and information literacy skills to function professionally and ethically in today‚Äôs society.
  • Integrate cultural sensitivity and social justice into local and global interactions.
  • Apply scientific, quantitative, and artistic knowledge to make informed decisions in both natural and designed worlds.
  • Incorporate ethics and spirituality in analysis and decision-making.
  • Assist in creating a community of learners by integrating and applying knowledge among work, the classroom, and the community.