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Skills and Outcomes

Image of a white female techer assisting a young girl as she does work on a tablet. The teacher appears to be in her early thirties and has long light brown hair and glasses. The student is female, about 11 years old. She is white with light brown hair.

A graduate-level education at Rosemont opens up new paths in your career - it also increases your job security and salary. Beyond the classroom, we offer opportunities for professional development as a principal, special education teacher, ESL specialist, or literacy specialist.

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Engage in a selection of diverse and stimulating courses tailored to your educational interests. Experience the difference of small, intimate class sizes with faculty members who challenge, inspire, and motivate learners to achieve their full potential. Join Rosemont and foster your unique path as an educator.

 "You get special attention here. The professors at Rosemont are the best I've ever had. They know most people have full-time jobs, so they are very flexible and they have so much experience to pass on to us.

The curriculum is all-encompassing; everything has a purpose, which is great because I don't have time for busy work. I'm 100% prepared for the next step in my career."

- Dawn Chapman, Coordinator of English Language Development, Lower Merion School District, MA in Education '19