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Admission Requirements


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Thanks for your interest in Rosemont's graduate and certification programs in education. An MA in Education from Rosemont unlocks new paths to success, both intellectually and professionally. If you have further questions, please contact the Director of Teacher Education and Certification Officer Denise Falconi, EdD or our Graduate Admissions Counselor Teresa Fitzpatrick.

Apply Today

Candidates for admission should have attained a minimum undergraduate GPA of 3.0 (some exceptions may apply). 

Interview: Candidates for the graduate education program are required to schedule an admissions interview with the Program Director.

How to Apply to Rosemont's Graduate Programs in Education

  1. Free Online Application.
  2. Request that all previous transcripts from undergraduate (and graduate) send official transcripts to Rosemont.
  3. Letters of recommendation (1), preferably from those who can address your academic and/or professional competencies.
  4. Official copies of TOEFL scores are required For applicants whose native language is not English
  5. Statement of purpose (see below).

Statement of Purpose

Please submit an essay (typed, double-spaced, approximately 250 words) that explains your professional goals in applying to the graduate education program at Rosemont. Your essay will be evaluated on content, style, punctuation, grammar, and logic.

All written documents (writing sample, statement of purpose, letters of recommendation) must be submitted as a Microsoft Word document to .